Photos by Abraham Bogerd

After the wounded were evacuated from Khao Lak , rescue workers started the almost impossible task of finding all the missing persons

Man and women , young and old , from Thailand and all over the world helped to bring fathers , mothers, brothers , sisters , grandparents

back to their famaly so that they could give them the last honour.

The Impossible-rescue worker- tsunami-1

Thai volunteers from all over the country came in to look for the missing

The Impossible-recueworker-tsunami


They worked day in day , day out . A task you wouldn't ask anybody , but they did it.

The Impossible Tsunami Khao Lak recovering a missing person

A group of volunteers recovered a missing person , it will be brought to Takuapa temple for indentification.


Tsunami khao Lak rescue workers

A volunteer from France looks down , five minutes before they found a missing person under the rubble


Tsunami Khao Lak movie rescue worker takes a rest

It was extremely hot in the days after , a Thai volunteers try get some sleep.

theimpossible-rescue worker drinks a coffee

A Thai vulunteer who mans the massive pumps to empty the resevoir at Bang Niang. Cars with missing persons laid at the bottom.


The Impssible Tsunami Khao Lak Flag on missing person

When somebody found a missing person he/she put a flag on it. Later the missing person will be recovered by a rescue team

For the flag anything could be used : t-shirt, blanket, towel.

The impossible task Tsunami Khao Lak Bringing back the msiing rescue man on three

Many volunteers were young man and woman, they saw things they will never forget.


The impossible Tsunami Khao Lak children

The thing I never forget was the amount of small missing children , they had no change against the power of the wave.


tsunami khao lak the impossible task reporter

Reporters from all over the world came in , they had to work in harsh conditions


The Impossible task Khao Lak Tsunami bringing back the nissing

A volunteer from Korea close his eyes after he found a missing person.


The Impossible Tsunami Khao Lak Crane with missing person

Many recoveries had to be done under difficult circumstances. Big tools were brought in, they had to help to recover the missing person


The Impossible Tsunami Khao Lak Elephant

But even some place big tools didn't work and elephants were brought in to clear the way


The Impossible Tsunami Khao Lak Cleaning up

After the missing person was recovered, a volunteer smokes the place with kerosine to prevent diseases


The Impossible Tsunami Khao Lak Putting body in bodybag

With great dignity the rescue team puts a missing person in a bodybag


The Impossible Tsunami Khao Lak recovered missing persons are brought to Takuapa

Pick-up's were driving all day around to collect the missing persons and bring them to Takuapa for indentification.


The Impossible Tsunami Khao Lak Missing girl found

There are no words which can describe the tragedies where famalies went through .

Volunteers from Thailand and all over the world helped them by giving them some peace in this tragedy..



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